Supporting UK scientists with smaller grants is one of the objectives of the NPRF with the idea being that it would enable these scientists to investigate ideas which otherwise would be difficult to get funding for, preventing the research being done.  The ultimate hope being that the results would enable them to then apply for bigger grants to allow further investigation to take place.

The NPRF made a small grant to Dr Ahad Rahim at UCL to investigate gene therapy for NPC1. The research was to evaluate the efficacy of a range of viral vectors in delivering therapeutic normal NPC1 gene to the cells of the brain.

Since the initial grant was made, Dr Ahad Rahim has had a substantial grant approved to take this gene therapy study further. The funding has come from a highly competitive funding stream with an international reputation for excellence and underlines the success of the NPRF’s funding policy and is just one example of how the funds you have helped us raise, are helping accelerate NPC research.

As Dr Ahad Rahim put it "small contributions allow us to generate vital preliminary data and allow us to pull in much bigger grants to really accelerate the work".