The NPRF SWAT team comprises a multidisciplinary team of expert research scientists and clinical scientists who have agreed to collaborate on some of the emerging research that the NPRF is helping to fund.  SWAT is Scientists Working to Accelerate Therapies. Drug development is often a lengthy process of lab based research and clinical led trials. Both research and clinical expertise is needed to create a successful therapy and the NPRF SWAT team has agreed to seek to accelerate this process by providing a close feedback loop between the clinicians and the researcher.

The SWAT team comprises a highly respected group of individuals all of whom are very experienced in the NPC field.

  • Professor Tim Cox, Dept. of Medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge
  • Professor Fran Platt, Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford
  • Dr. Robin Lachmann PhD FRCP, Consultant in Metabolic Medicine, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Emyr Lloyd-Evans, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University.

In an ideal world the ideas that are being tested in the labs the NPRF is helping to fund will develop through in vitro and then in vivo testing and then hopefully move forward to pilot human studies.  The role of the NPRF is to provide funding and also a link to those families that want to help see a successful treatment emerge for this disease.

Because of the funding that the NPRF has committed to date to research there are already projects at the in vitro and in vivo stage.  We will continue to work very closely with these experts to try to bring successful ideas to the human pilot study stage as soon as possible.