The NPRF is committed to supporting the effort to find an effective treatment for NPC.

This will be achieved by funding research in to the disease and promoting UK trials of promising therapies.

This section describes the Charity’s research activities and governance;

  • The NPRF is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (“AMRC”) and has adopted the AMRC’s guidelines on granting research grants,
  • How to apply for a grant,
  • The Charity’s research strategy which sets out the priority areas for the Charity and provides guidance on which sorts of applications will be most attractive;
  • The members of the Scientific Advisory Board, which receives peer review reports and advises the Board of Trustees on grant applications,
  • The SWAT team, this is collaboration between the Charity and a number of leading UK-based scientists and clinicians formed with the intention of creating a close feedback-loop between clinicians and the scientists to reduce the time taken in therapy development,
  • Grants awarded to date.

Large charities tend to only accept grant applications at defined periods during the year. The NPRF welcomes applications at any time of the year; if there is a good idea that may hasten the journey to a treatment we want to hear about it immediately.