One week’s work experience at GWI

GlobalWebIndex runs the world’s largest market research study on the digital consumer, operating in 40 countries and 584 local regions. The data that GWI creates, provides the intelligence to engage effectively with digital consumers across publishers, media agencies, corporate and marketers around the world.
GWI’s mission is to quantify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of every digital consumer on the planet and its goal is to be the recognised global standard for audience profiling. To achieve this, GWI’s business strategy is to build and own the largest data set, own the distribution and to focus on the user growth before revenue growth.
GWI is an extremely exciting, fast growth business which is at the cutting edge of some of the most exciting developments in how brands engage with the digital consumer and boasts many blue-chip companies amongst its customers; Google, Twitter and Skype to name but a few.
This lot is one week’s unpaid work experience at GWI’s London office near Blackfriars and will comprise a structured programme providing exposure to various departments within GWI.

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