NPRF Shaken not Stirred Ball Auction and Silent Auction Opens

The NPRF Shaken Not Stirred Ball is only a few days away and we are now very excited to launch our Auction and Silent Auction Website.
We have been given all the prizes in the Auction and Silent Auction free of charge by some very generous people and companies and as a result all of the funds raised will go towards the charity.

This auction will be available for you to bid online on until 12 noon on Friday 6th October when online bidding will close.  Bidding will re-open at the event on Saturday 7th October, and will only be available via tablets in the venue. if you are unable to attend the event, you can still give yourself a great chance of winning by placing a proxy or maximum bid. (See below)

The Silent Auction System
In order to bid the first thing everyone needs to do is to register. Just click on the ‘Sign In’ button and input your details. Even if you are attending the Ball, you can register now to save time and start bidding as well. Your registration details will be carried over to the Live Auction and Silent Auction at the Ball along with any bids you have made. 

The system itself is easy to use. The items are laid out in a pinterest-style view and each one is numbered. Click on the one you are interested in to see more detail on the prize and any restrictions associated with it. There are some filter buttons available at the top left of the screen so you can home in on specific categories – eg work experience. If you know which auction item you want, type in a key word in the search facility and the system will find it. You can view the current status on prizes via the ‘leaderboard’ option at the top right of the screen.
Proxy Bidding
Proxy bidding gives those of you not attending the Ball a chance to bid on the night…..even if you are not there!
Proxy bidding is initiated if you put a bid in on the system that is above the increment for the prize.
This is how it works :
1. You enter the absolute maximum that you are willing to bid for an item. 
2. The auction system places a bid on your behalf, using the minimum amount required to make you the highest bidder.  i.e. current bid price plus increment OR the reserve price, if there is one and it can be covered by your proxy bid. 
3. The system continues to bid on your behalf, whenever you are outbid by another member’s bid, until your maximum bid is exceeded or the auction is won. 
4. You will be notified by email if your maximum bid is outbid by another member and provided the online  auction is still running (ie before 12 noon 6th October), you will have a chance to enter a new maximum if you wish. 
For example:
The current bid on an auction item is £100. The minimum increment is £10, You enter a bid of £150 (your maximum bid)
Using your bid, but increasing it by only the minimum increment, the auction system sets the current bid to £110.
Another person bids £130 but they are immediately outbid by the system bidding on your behalf and the current bid goes up to £140.
The auction finishes as you have won the auction item at a price of £140.

After the online auction closes at noon on Friday 6th October, if you are the highest bidder for a specific auction item, we will then carry your bid over to the Silent Auction at the Ball and continue bidding on your behalf in the same way – up to your maximum if required. Therefore even if you are not at the ball you could come away with a Silent Auction prize. Please note that you will not get an email telling you that you have been outbid once the Silent Auction at the Ball commences so if you really want something, please be sure to put in your absolute maximum. We will contact you after the event if you have won a Silent Auction prize with your proxy bid.

Live Auction
The items that will be in the Live Auction are numbered in Lot numbers 100 upwards. You can also bid on these on the system up to 12 noon on 6th October, after which the highest bid or proxy will be taken through as a reserve in the Live Auction.
Feel free to share the link to the online site with anyone who you think might be interested in the prizes.
If you encounter any problems with the system or have any questions, please contact Fiona Benzecry on
Happy Bidding!!!!
NPRF Trustees

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