NPRF Ball: new auction prize, dinner with Berry Bros chairman, Simon Berry

Dinner for 5 people with Simon Berry was a popular auction prize at our first ball. The prize consisted of dinner for 4 people plus Simon at a well-known West End restaurant. The meal was kindly donated by the restaurant with the auction winners picking up the wine bill!

Representing the seventh generation of his family, Simon has been at Berry Bros. & Rudd for over 30 years. In that time he has been instrumental in establishing Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Duty Free wine shops at Heathrow’s Terminals 3 and 4 – the first instances of a specialist wine merchant operating such outlets in the world. He was also key to setting up Berry Bros. & Rudd’s award-winning website in 1994.

Simon has lectured on wine on many occasions, and to many institutions throughout the world, including Oxford and Exeter Universities, Stowe, Woldingham, Wycombe Abbey School and Eton College, the British Embassy in Tokyo and Harvard Business School. His articles have been published in several magazines, notably Vogue, Debrett’s International Collector and The Economist Review of the Year. He has also contributed to many television and radio programmes, most recently How Britain was Built and Wine: The Firm.

Simon was appointed Clerk of the Royal Cellars in 2007 and took up this position in January 2008. He believes that the longevity and success of Berry Bros. & Rudd today has been achieved because the company is continually evolving and changing.

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