CTD enrolls first patient in EU trial

Fantastic news from CTD Holdings, who have enrolled their first patient on their IV administered cyclodextrin trial. The Phase I/II clinical trial is looking to recruit 12 patients aged between 2 and older, has a primary objective of determining the optimum dose for further study. As NPC disease is a systemic disease, it is important to determine the effectiveness of Cyclodextrin on all the organs of the body and this trial starting is great news for the NPC community. For further information, please do see the attached press release. http://ir.stockpr.com/ctd-holdings/company-news/detail/435/ctd-holdings-enrolls-first-patient-in-european-phase-iii-clinical-trial-of-trappsolr-cyclotm-for-treatment-of-niemann-pick-disease-type-c

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