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Thames Valley Research Meeting

It was fantastic to meet up with other NPC charities (NP UK and NP Suisse) and a number of NPC academics on Wednesday at the Academy of Medical Sciences. Thanks to Professor Fran Platt (Platt Lab) for organising the meeting and great to discuss the latest on various research avenues including Gene Therapy; Armicolmol; Cyclodextrin;…

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Martha Tipper Does the Tunbridge Wells Half for the NPRF

Our version of Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph, played at our ball back in October 2017, included the lines: “Friendship can heal, Friendship can mend a soul and it’s the only thing we know”.¬† William is fortunate to have so many wonderful friends, including the lovely Martha Tipper (pictured below with her mum and dad) who…

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Publication of Copper Trafficking and Redistribution Research

We are delighted to have been involved in part funding this research which involved scientists from 3 laboratories in the UK: Fran Platt’s lab in Oxford providing the biology, John Spencer’s lab in Sussex providing the chemistry and Philip Blower at Kings College London providing the imaging expertise. A great collaboration that has advanced our…

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