The NPRF raises money to invest in research and in funding trials of therapies to help treat this devastating condition.

Niemann-Pick C is a very rare, terminal, neurodegenerative disease.

What is the Niemann-Pick C?

  • Ultra rare. Less than 100 cases in the UK; 1,000 diagnosed worldwide.
  • Neurodegenerative. Slow loss of every day functions, including talking and swallowing.

NPC has been referred to as Childhood Alzheimers but equal numbers of adults are now being diagnosed.


NPRF is now using VirginMoneyGiving

BT MyDonate is closing in 2019 so after 7 years on that charity giving platform we are moving to VirginMoneyGiving.  We originally picked MyDonate because it represented the best value for money, with no fixed monthly charges and low card fees. VirginMoneyGiving also offers charities a great value proposition.


What is the NPRF?

The NPRF was established in 2011 by the parents of an NPC sufferer.  The sole objective is to raise funds to invest in research that can make a difference to today’s generation. A key goal is to spend as little on administration as possible to ensure that as much of what is raised can be used to fund research. Overheads are currently less than 1% of total funds raised to date.

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Without awareness there is no funding, without funding there is no research, without research there is no cure, without a cure there is no hope.